The Last of Us Day celebrates the support and creativity of the series' fans. One The Last of Us 2 fan took part by showing off pictures of their adorable custom-made Joel and Ellie dolls.

Redditor soaringbeauty appears to have taken the pictures outside near a building or a driveway, which resembles The Last of Us' abandoned and overgrown cities. The dolls themselves are reportedly made of felt and gamers may find their bright but realistic colors bear a notable resemblance to the game's graphics.


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Joel only features in one of the three photos that soaringbeauty chose to share, with the other two focusing on Ellie. The first photograph shows both dolls standing side by side, Joel holding a felt guitar and Ellie wearing a backpack filled with tiny replica arrows. Their in-game outfits were painstakingly replicated, with Joel even sporting imitation facial hair, but this piece of custom The Last of Us 2 merch shows both notoriously hard-bitten characters smiling.

the last of us 2 joel ellie dolls 1 feature

The second picture shows a close-up on the Ellie doll's arm, specifically her carefully stitched-on tattoo. Although the small size of the arm seems to have led to some of the detail being lost, the tattoo's leafy shape is still recognizable. This isn't the first time a The Last of Us 2 fan sewed Ellie's tattoo, but it may be one of the most adorable. Also shown in the second picture is a tiny brown wristband around the Ellie doll's tiny wrist, which may or may not be removable.

the last of us 2 joel ellie dolls 2 feature

The third picture shows the back of the Ellie doll and pays particular attention to her backpack. It features a small patch, a dangling keychain, and at least three arrows peeking out.

the last of us 2 joel ellie dolls 3 feature

The photographs seem to have been very well-received by other fans celebrating The Last of Us Day. One Redditor asked who had made the dolls and was overjoyed to learn that they'd been hand-made by soaringbeauty's aunt. Several other users immediately chimed in that soaringbeauty's aunt had done an amazing job. Another user even stated that these dolls belonged in a museum, while several others complimented the dolls' cuteness. One spoke positively about the Ellie doll's little smile, which may be interesting considering how little the real Ellie smiles throughout The Last of Us 2. Perhaps doll Ellie is happier because doll Joel is still with her.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is available now on PS4.

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Source: Reddit

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